Album Review: meth. – Mother of Red Light (Prosthetic Records)

meth. is an experimental noise collective based out of Chicago, Illinois. The mind-altering outpourings of meth. first blossomed as the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Seb Alvarez. Following his solo release of 2017’s ‘The Children are Watching’ EP on RIP in Peace Records; meth. morphed into a full on six piece ensemble featuring members of Black Nail.

It all kind of just fell into place. We added Zack and Matt shortly after and have been adamantly writing ever since: states Alvarez.

2018 saw the unveiling of the self released ‘I Love You’ EP, a jarring 5 song, 15 minute prologue detailing the dark and twisted plight of a man brainwashed into a prison of belief that he is God, leading “The Choir Of Red Light.” While touring relentlessly across the United States sharing stages with KEN mode, The Number 12 Looks Like You and The Body, among many others, meth. penned their full length album and Prosthetic Records debut, Mother Of Red Light.

Set for official release August 23, 2019 via Prosthetic Records; Mother Of Red Light is the anticipated full length continuance of the unnerving narrative introduced in I Love You. Each song is a direct portal into the psyche of the plebeian-turned-davidian leader who now wrestles with his tortured spirit and incestuous infatuation with The Choir Of Red Light’s evil matriarch.

Are you sitting comfortably? You won’t be as you listen to Mother of Red Light.

It’s an unnerving album filled with chaos exuded by a band who have the innate ability to tell a narrative in the most eye-watering and ear-bleeding way. It’s a ferocious blend of metalcore, mathcore and noise put together in a fascinating way.

Conventional song structures are non-existent here. Instead we have 9 tracks of wall to wall heaviness that makes no sense at times and all the sense at others. Think of this album as a sermon where the pastor (meth.) has been taken over by the power of a god and is speaking utter gibberish yet his passion fills you up until you’re screaming and crying along.

It’s the sound of madness. Equal parts frothing at the mouth and introspective horror. It’s abject torture to listen too but it is an utterly compelling listen. As likely to open up a pit as it is to cause some serious shoe gazing.

It’s required listening. meth. have delivered an exceptionally unique album.

meth. – Mother of Red Light Full Track Listing:

1. Fill Me
2. Child of God
3. Swallowed Conscience
4. Her Womb Lays Still
5. Inbred
6. Cold Prayers
7. Psalm of Life
8. Return Me (My Body)
9. The Walls, They Whisper




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meth. - Mother of Red Light (Prosthetic Records)
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