Album Review: Mercyless – The Mother of All Plagues (XENOKORP)

On the 33th year, the 7th gate opens, the bastard son dies at last and Mercyless spits its darkest album ever in the face of his p(ri)ests that contaminate mankind for way too long.

Their seventh album in 33 years, the aptly-titled “The Mother of All Plagues” comes amidst those troubled pandemic times even though it’s was written and given its title back in 2018. Proof, if any was needed, that deep into its fourth decade, Mercyless still rages on, stronger than ever before, against the crucified one and the holy ghost, releasing their darkest and most hate-filled album ever.

The Mother of All Plagues will be released on August 21st via Xenocorp.

With such an immense career already, few could blame Mercyless for resting on their laurels and phoning it in a bit. Many might expect that from them but this is not a band capable of doing that. The Mother of All Plagues is not that.

What it is, is a twisted and evil offering from a band who makes blackened death metal seem as easy as dropping to your knees and praying.

Raging with unbridled hate and power from the start, the intro of Infection has Mercyless position their stance before kicking into the blood-lust driven Rival of the Nazarene. The beating dished out here is harsh.

Although it’s not like Mercyless offer any respite really with Banished from Heaven (the solo is particularly killer) and Bring Me His Head. The latter’s double kick-drums are immensely intense.

A short intermission made up of screeching guitar (Contagion) leads us further into darkness before Laqueum Diaboli, Descending to Conquer and Inherit the Kingdom of Horus reach out from the gloom with a grip as cold as death itself. It’s top quality extreme metal that few won’t find themselves caught up in.

A tumultuous metal album, with no pun intended, Mercyless are merciless up until the very end. The title track, arguably the angriest of all, All Souls Are Mine bringing chunky, chuggy riffs and Litany of Supplication ending things with erupting fire straight from hell.

Mercyless – The Mother of All Plagues Full Track Listing:

1. Infection
2. Rival of the Nazarene
3. Banished from Heaven
4. Bring Me His Head
5. Contagion
6. Laqueum Diaboli
7. Descending to Conquer
8. Inherit the Kingdom of Horus
9. The Mother of All Plagues
10. All Souls Are Mine
11. Litany of Supplication


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Mercyless - The Mother of All Plagues (XENOKORP)
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