Album Review: Mental Cavity – Neuro Siege (Brilliant Emperor)

Mental Cavity, the four-piece cross-genre metal enthusiasts from Canberra, Australia return with their second full length album, “Neuro Siege”. After the release of 2017’s debut “Aneurysm”  Mental Cavity have continued to grow and push further out of the shadow of their slumbering musical-brethren I Exist.

Neuro Siege will be released on December 6th 2019 via Brilliant Emperor.

Drawing from the well of sludge, death and speed metal, Mental Cavity’s Neuro Siege is an angry beast of a record. Snarling, spitting and biting from the very start with Infiltrators. The fiery speed of everything here is downright vile to listen too. Although it is very appealing vileness.

A bit more riffy, the title track and Subjected to Irritants feels way more under control although that’s not saying much as Mental Cavity have one setting and it’s on high all the time. Any ‘chill’ moments are deceptive as hell, as the beast is just drawing us in. Get too close and it will bite hard, Searing Wire being the early example of this.

It’s not just about speed though as both Writhe and Spoiled show just how low and heavy Mental Cavity can get. Both tracks, mucky as the hellacious noise comes from somewhere deeper. Although neither of them can hold a candle to the sludgy filth of Dismantled, a track that switches tempos with impossible ease. By the end it’s transformed into something truly terrifying.

Hot, fast, wild and ever so heavy…Corroded and Eradicate Replace will make the brain ache through the sheer level of noise exuded. All before, the longest (at over 4 minutes) arrives to reenergise things before it’s all over.

The death-inspired riffing, the near-unlistenable vocals, the crashing of the drums…it’s a monstrous end to Mental Cavity’s new album. Few won’t feel as though they’ve been mentally affected by this album come the end.

Mental Cavity – Neuro Siege Full Track Listing:

1. Infiltrators
2. Neuro Siege
3. Subjected to Irritants
4. Searing Wire
5. Writhe
6. Spoiled
7. Artificial Intergration
8. Dismantled
9. Corroded
10. Eradicate Replace
11. Terra Immundus




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Mental Cavity - Neuro Siege (Brilliant Emperor)
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