Album Review: Mechanical God Creation – The New Chapter (The Goatmancer Records)

Formed in 2006, Mechanical God Creation are a death metal band hailing from Italy. Their upcoming new album “The New Chapter” is set to be released via The Goatmancer Records on March 29th, 2019.

Mechanical God 2

Beginning with an intro (The New Chapter) that gives the impression we’re about to hear a more epic power metal/operatic metal album. The New Chapter is not that, not that at all although it has a lot of focus on screaming and whining guitars. What we have here is an album with aggressive and angry death metal running through its veins.

From the raging torrent of abuse that is I Am the Godless Man (great drumming) to the technical flashes of guitar that crop in Walking Dead and Dark Echoes to the meaty and thick darkness that covers the furious Bow to Death. Mechanical God Creation push harder and harder as the album goes on.

They know exactly what to do to make listeners sit up and take notice with the middle section in particular showcasing this. Before the Dawn (pt. I) more chilled approach leads into Overlord (pt. II), a destructive force with a great guitar solo and What Remains (pt. III), a softer keyboard led track.

Check The New Chapter out, you’ll enjoy it more then you might think.

Mechanical God 1

Mechanical God Creation – The New Chapter Track Listing:

1. The New Chapter
2. I Am the Godless Man
3. Till the Sun Is No Longer Black
4. Walking Dead
5. Before the Dawn (pt.I)
6. Overlord (pt.II)
7. What Remains (pt. III)
8. Black Faith
9. Dark Echoes
10. Bow to Death
11. Warface
12. Red Blood on White Snow

The album can be ordered here and more information found via Mechanical God creation’s website and Facebook Page.


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Mechanical God Creation - The New Chapter (The Goatmancer Records)
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