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British singer/song writer Matt Mitchell is back with a brand new self titled group debut album ‘Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts’.

Not one to hold back with his writing and performances, the new songs on this forthcoming album reflect real human experience, passion and tangible compositions that hold potency, diversity and purpose.

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“I’m aware that sometimes an album is just for the love of rock n roll and I do love that. It’s on my agenda”, explains Matt. “It could be a song about a car, or thunder and lighting. However, the main stories on this album are all about people. The people that have been part of my life, the people that have loved, cared, nurtured, hurt, inspired, broken, stayed strong, lost themselves, found themselves. Family, friends, honesty, dishonesty, music and the music business, integrity and faith. The songs in this self-titled album are inspired by all these things.

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts debut album is released 19th April 2019.

Bluesy rock and roll, Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts new album has mass-appeal. A clean and really listenable combination of Deep Purple, Alter Bridge and Clutch. All the hallmarks of a band destined to be far bigger than they currently are.

Powering through an energetic opener in the form of Black Diamonds, this is where we quickly see just how effortless riff-driven rock music is for these guys. All backed up by Mitchell’s weathered but smooth vocals. He really can sing but it’s the voice of someone whose experienced a lot. You only need to hear the softness of Home to understand that.

On & On is as catchy as anything (the keyboard solo is pretty awesome), Dare You Watch will bring a sad smile to faces and Kings & Queens positive vibes will make you feel that little taller.

Such stellar rock and roll but Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts are only getting started.

Able to effortlessly move from country-infused twangs to hard-rocking riffs to blues-heavy melody, this is an album where every day you’ll have a new favourite track. As it stands right now, Unavailable is such a groovy butt-shaker but if you were to ask again tomorrow it could be any other of the 12.

Such as the melodic rhythm of the super-somber Old Enough & Ugly Enough or the incredibly uplifting Everything to You. Both tracks sound like Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts but are different ends of the scale in what feelings they elect.

The personal experiences motif is handled so expertly and with such class, this debut is one to be admired. Thought-provoking stuff.

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Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts – Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts Full Track Listing:

1.Black Diamonds
2. Home
3. On & On
4. Dare You Watch
5. Kings & Queens
6. Unavailable
7. Do You Wanna Be My God
8. Old Enough & Ugly Enough
9. Wave Goodbye
10. Everything To You
11. Keep Me Safe
12. Waiting For the Sun

The album will be available via all major streaming services. You can keep up to date with news by checking out their website, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts - Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts (MMRecordingworks)
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