Album Review: Marzuraan – Ten Years Too Late (Cruel Nature Records)

Having built a substantial UK following from 2002 – 2008, Marzuraan eventually disbanded, but they left a number of unreleased tracks in their wake. In 2019 Pete Burn from the band approached Cruel Nature with a view to releasing an album using this material. Produced and engineered at The Sound Room between 2005 and 2006 and mastered in 2019 by Graham Thompson, the six-track album, Ten Years Too Late will be released on March 9th 2020.



A fascinating story, the (in theory) final ever recordings of Marzuraan will finally see the light of day. Six tracks that sound as fresh and relevant as anything the band put out in their short lived heyday.

Still as challenging as ever, Morphine Waterfall takes a slow and monotonous approach with its sludginess. The effect something akin to a wind-up figure slowing creaking and jerking to life after years left on the shelf. The mellow beat, off-centre guitar rhythm, morose vocals and anticipated flashes of intensity is superbly effective.

Golden Roman is certainly something different. With its screech of feedback, super-fuzzy riffs and faster tempo. Before Muckbucket delivers a fantastic slice of heavy, tripped out psychedelic noise. A real barn burner, it’s tracks like this that made Marzuraan such a popular act.

As is the groovy Blowin’ Cool Breeze, a track that morphs into a delectable catchy rock number by the end.

The penultimate track is a moody instrumental number called Countless Battles, something that drags on and on but doesn’t lose its footing in the mire it exists in. Before Moneybox closes out the album and the career of Marzuraan in doomy sludge fashion. The rumble, fuzz and feedback of the guitars with the occasional hit of drums is all we get for around 6 minutes. It’s a hell of a finale.

Marzuraan – Ten Years Too Late Full Tracklisting:

1. Morphine Waterfall
2. Golden Roman
3. Muckbucket
4. Blowin’ Cool Breeze
5. Countless Battles (Instrumental)
6. Moneybox


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Marzuraan - Ten Years Too Late (Cruel Nature Records)
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