Album Review: Mary Kate and Trashley – Make A Record (Poptek Records)

Comprised solely of Alexander Scaglia, a multi-instrumentalist who handles guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers, lead vocals and even his own BGVs, Mary Kate and Trashley is the second of Scaglia’s bands to make their label home at Ohio-based indie record label Poptek Records.

They will be releasing Mary Kate and Trashley’s Make a Record on April 5th 2019.

Trashley 2

It’s fairly obvious that Mary Kate and Thrashley is an unusual project. You don’t need me to tell you that but while the name and description might be enough to grab the attention, it’s not going to be enough to keep it. That’s up to the music and man, is it weird.

Squealing and shrieking noise. The short intro of A Touch of the Doctor leads into Compression where the vocals show up to make sense of things. Settling down for a more foot-tapper in the form of Crush, here we begin to see the rock value of Mary Kate and Thrashley even if is over within a minute.

The madness returns for 18 seconds in I Don’t Really Like U Much before Noonan really impresses with its bluesy and echoing rock beat. The best track by some distance, if you were struggling to take the project seriously up to this point, it will change your mind.

Trashley 1

Mary Kate and Thrashley – Make A Record Full Track Listing:

1. A Touch of the Doctor (Instrumental)
2. Compression
3. Crush
4. I Don’t Really Like U Much
5. Noonan
6. Spaceship



The album will be available via Bandcamp and via Poptek Records here.


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Mary Kate and Trashley - Make A Record (Poptek Records)
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