Album Review: Marianas Rest – Ruins (Inverse Records)

The ambassadors of melancholy, Marianas Rest, returns in April with their second full-length album Ruins. Originating from Kotka, the true metal capital of Finland, Marianas Rest brings you a mood to slash your wrists to. This is all surrounding darkness.

The album is released April 26th 2019 through Inverse Records.

Marianas Rest 2

Deep and dark, uncomfortably cold and deliciously twisted, Marianas Rest’s Ruins is an exceptionally bitter record but not one lacking feeling. Quite the opposite actually as the darkness drips with melancholic melody while still delivering a punishingly heavy experience.

It’s not an upbeat, feel-good record. That much will be made clear by the opening track Kairos but it really shouldn’t stop anyone listening to it. Simply because it’s so damn good. Depression has never sounded so good.

The Spiral is less melodic (by comparison to other tracks) and rooted more in aggressive roars and chugging riffs. Whereas Hole in Nothing is evilly downbeat whole still proving to be a song able to get the heads banging hard.

The Defiant’s riffs are Marianas Rest at their most heavy, Unsinkable actually dares to have catchy rhythm and Shadows is lead poured directly into the brain. It sounds like it should be too much but it’s not, it’s really not. Three stunning tracks.

It’s a long album but it doesn’t matter because once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole with the band, there is no coming back. Nor will you likely want too.

Wrapping up with a combination of wonderment within melody and gloriously heavy metal, Restitution makes a strong case for being seen as the best track on the album. It’s a simply phenomenal blend of emotional melody, thundering drums, ice cold riffing and sickeningly guttering vocals.

It’s down to Omega to close a stunning release and unsurprisingly it does so in dour, depressing and dark style. We wouldn’t want it any other way.


Marianas Rest 1

Marianas Rest – Ruins Full Track Listing:

1. Kairos
2. The Spiral
3. Hole in Nothing
4. The Defiant
5. Unsinkable
6. Shadows
7. Restitution
8. Omega

Head over to Marianas Rest’s website to order the album and find out more. As well as check out their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Marianas Rest - Ruins (Inverse Records)
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