Album Review: Mádra – Bittersweet Temptation To Disappear Completely (Self Released)

A side-project of Hænesy, Mádra is an experimental unification of Doom and Black Metal. Bittersweet Temptation To Disappear Completely is the debut album and is about the struggles of pre-modernity and the failures of the simple life our ancestors lived.

It was released on December 8th 2019.



Cold and unwelcoming, the intro of Depart Pt. I has wind howling around you as darkness falls. There are voices in the dark though and they come whispering from Into the Long Fade, a track layered with black metal horror and unique melodious elements. It’s harsh and uncompromising, raw and visceral but fascinating. Study the shapes in the gloom, you may not want to know just what they are but the desperation to understand is too much.

Where Once She Stood shakes and vibrates with even more haunting horrors and deep sadness. The growls that emanate from the vocals, the ancient chants, the ritualistic rhythm…it is effective stuff.

An impressive debut, Mádra wrap their short offering up in glorious gothic style. Depart Pt. II not just a fiery burst of blackness but also a transcendent offering of memorable melody.

Mádra – Bittersweet Temptation To Disappear Completely Full Track Listing:

1. Depart Pt. I
2. Into The Long Fade
3. Where Once She Stood
4. Depart Pt. II


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Mádra - Bittersweet Temptation To Disappear Completely (Self Released)
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