Album Review: Lunar Swamp – Moonshine Blues (The Swamp Records/Clostridium Records/Burning Coffin Recs)

Italian Doom/Sludge/Blues band Lunar Swamp are back. Following 2020’s incredible album ‘UnderMudBlues’, the band will now release Moonshine Blues on July 2nd, 2021. CD version out via The Swamp Records (USA), vinyl version out via Clostridium Records (Germany) and the tape version out via Burning Coffin Recs (Chile).

We absolutely adored UnderMudBlues last year. We gave it 10/10, such was the quality of the swampy, bluesy psychedelic, stoner and mucky sound of that record. How does Moonshine Blues compare?

Muddy Waters instantly transports you back into the swamp, where the choking fuzz spreads thickly and the smell of dirt is sharp. The methodical and repetitive rhythm is powerful but the vocals are particularly passionate sounding with a dark echo to them. It’s a sticky and strong start and continued into the filthy stoner groove of MoonBurst Smoke. Where the fuzz is slightly dialled down for cleaner chords, highlighted by a brief guitar solo.



The Redneck Squatch doesn’t change the fuzzy formula up too much but the slow tempo and bluesy twangs that crop up here and there make it stand out. Old Ben The Gator’s use of a harmonica enhances the swampy filth of the doomy noise, where the fuzz is powerful enough to make the teeth ache.

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Whereas Cross Swamp Blues wilder guitar work leans into psychedelic territories and gets downright wild and really weird at times. It’s a highlight though and a personal favourite. A quality ending to the original part of the album. As the finale of Sweet Sue is a cover of the Witch song. Lunar Swamp capturing the moody blues and dark doomy edge perfectly but making it sound very much like their own thing.

It’s another excellent Lunar Swam release.

Lunar Swamp – Moonshine Blues Full Track Listing:

1. Muddy Waters
2. MoonBurst Smoke
3. The Redneck Squatch
4. Old Ben The Gator
5. Cross Swamp Blues
6. Sweet Sue (Witch Cover)


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Lunar Swamp – Moonshine Blues (The Swamp Records/Clostridium Records/Burning Coffin Recs)
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