Album Review: Lucifer’s Fall – Cursed & Damned (Nine Records)

Released on December 12th 2016, Cursed & Damned is the second full release from the doom metal band, Lucifer’s Fall & can be picked up right here.

The riff heavy opening song, Mother Superior sets up the rest of the new album from Lucifer’s Fall perfectly. An album that is filled up with so many riffs, hooks & vocal highs that you’ll be nodding your head along long after the songs have ended.

There is a real undercurrent of sleaze & swagger throughout Cursed & Damned’s doomy sound with the kind of beat & melody that marks them out as something special.

Describing songs like Damnation, (Fuck You) We’re Lucifer’s Fall & Sacrifice as catchy doesn’t do the music justice. It gets under your skin, drills into your skull & starts laying sexy, musical eggs.

Even the more slower, heavy tracks like Mountain of Madness & Cursed Priestess aren’t found lacking. Those slow, dark riffs with ‘melting butter’ vocals are highlights of the entire album. The guitar work on these tracks in particular are stunning & the latter of the two’s spoken word section that bleeds into a faster paced beat sounds incredible. A highlight of the album.

The real wonder of this 9 track, 56 minute album is the stunning & lengthy song, The Necromancer. Coming in at near 10 minutes it mixes soft, slow & sorrowful melody with sudden destructive & heavy moments perfectly. A simply stunning piece of music.

It’s an impossible task to top that although final track Homunculas gives it a decent shot with exciting riffs that build & build towards a classic sounding guitar solo. The track & album finishes by dropping the tempo bit by bit, getting slower & slower but keeping it nice & heavy. It’s a solid finish to what is an excellent album from Lucifer’s Fall, one for doom fans but also those who look for more melody & upbeat in that style of music.

Check it out!

Overall Track Listing:

1. Mother Superior
2. Damnation
3. The Mountains of Madness
4. Cursed Priestess
5. (Fuck You) We’re Luicfer’s Fall
6. The Necromancer
7. Sacrifice
8. The Invocator/Cursed Be Thy Name
9. Homunculus

We’d like to thank Lucifer’s Fall & Against PR for providing us with a copy of the album for this review. You can buy the album as well as more from Nine Records here . Check the band out over on Bandcamp & on Facebook.

Lucifer's Fall - Cursed & Damned (Nine Records)
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