Album Review: Lucifer Star Machine – Devil’s Breath (The Sign Records)

The infernal boys are back! On the 3rd of April 2020, Lucifer Star Machine will release their fourth album, The Devil’s Breath. It’s a 42-minute long road to hell that lures the listener with huge choruses, infernal riffs, and monstrous melodies presented with the band’s trademarked straightforward, no-bullshit attitude and perfectly visualized in the album cover artwork of Łukasz Jaszak. The Polish artist has added a vintage horror magazine look which complements the music and pays homage to the big boys of Rock’n’Roll: Motörhead, Ramones, Social Distortion, Volbeat and Turbonegro!

The Devil’s Breath is an album full of honesty, heart, and soul with a fantastic storyline captured in every lyric. The Sign Records is excited to release it in digital, CD, and vinyl formats. A new era for Lucifer Star Machine, it’s time to Get Lucified!

It’s time to rock and roll in the most devilish way possible as Lucifer Star Machine kick some serious ass across 13 impressionable hard-hitting numbers. We’re talking bouncy rhythms, huge riffing, head-banging solos, dusty and grainy vocals with constant high energy.

From the opening high speed attack of The Void to sleazy groove of Baby, When You Cry to the straight-forward punk rock catchiness of Your Love Remains. Lucifer Star Machine will put a big old silly smile on the face with The Devil’s Breath.

Uncomplicated, no nonsense but a whole heap of fun, the band throw their all into supplying a hard rock and punk album for the modern times. The least anyone can do in return is give them some of that energy back!

Lucifer Star Machine – The Devil’s Breath Full Track Listing:

1. The Void
2. Dwell in Misery
3. Cruel Hearts
4. Baby, When You Cry
5. The Night is Young
6. Eat Dust
7. A Touch of Death
8. El Camino Real
9. Pretender
10. Evil Blood
11. Midnight Crawler
12. Your Love Remains
13. Devil’s Breath




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Lucifer Star Machine - Devil's Breath (The Sign Records)
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