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Album Review: Lord of Light – Morningstar (No Remorse Records)

By the morningstar a new day begins. Let the light of the lord shine bright and bring you strength. Let it illuminate what was dark, and give hope where once was only despair.

Lord of Light’s debut album, Morningstar will be released on the 13th March 2020 via No Remorse Records having previously been self released digitally.

Blending power metal melodies with strong showcases of progressive rhythm and a heavy metal flair that soars through the skies like birds. Lords of Light lift the spirits almost immediately with the synthy and power-driven intro of Presage before kicking into a higher gear with Ballad of the Righteous.

With clarity, we get an epic trawl through a wide array of metal influences that just stops short of overdoing it. It’s almost everything and the kitchen sink but thanks to a talented individual, we get something that is far more complete while still having a sheer amount of complexity.

The short and melodic History has a hymn-like vibe thanks to the layered vocals before Candlelight really punches high. A powerful rhythm gets the blood pumping that little bit more, the groove of the guitars and sultry vocal performance making a strong impression here.

The threat that comes with the echoing melody at the start of the title track builds in pressure to a low-tempo but thick and heavy sounding beat. Another progressive effort that works hard to subvert any expectations you might have of Lord of Light at this stage. The highlight being a gargantuan guitar solo to close things out.

Finally it’s the pairing of A Leaden Sky and Typhoon. The former a super-synthy effort that flows into a bouncy, energetic and depth-filled closer.

Lord of Light – Morningstar Full Track Listing:

1. Presage
2. Ballad of the Righteous
3. History
4. Candlelight
5. Morningstar
6. A Leaden Sky
7. Typhoon


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Lord of Light - Morningstar (No Remorse Records)
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