Album Review: Little Thief – Under The Patio (Self Released)

Formed in 2015 by long-time collaborators Charlie Fitzgerald and Rhii Williams, Little Thief have created their own brand of raw, gritty and soulful alternative rock that defines itself. Under The Patio is the debut album from the Bristol-based rock outfit due for release September 17th, 2021.

Do you like weird? Do you like catchy? Do you like music that somehow sounds utterly commercial yet so anti-mainstream at the same time? Do you like to be challenged when listening to music? Well, look no further, Little Thief are here to perplex and entertain with their debut album, Under the Patio.

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Kicking proceedings off with the jerky and spasming rhythm of All Our Sins. This opener is all about its chorus though which is such a bloody singalong. Freak then follows with a hard rocker radio special that has Little Thief bucking and frothing with soulful energy. Before Bringing it Back and the title track showcase just how wacked out and varied this album is.

The former’s disciplined beat, passionate vocals and wild bursts are very cool sounding. While the latter is a much more understated effort thanks to the guitar melody and melodramatic vocal verses.

It’s very easy to hear just what makes Little Thief such a popular act as their mainstream appeal ensures they’re reaching a wide audience. The slow dance groove and retro flavoured Doctor, the moody and echoing loneliness of Lost in Love and Jackpot’s unusual blend of heaviness and super-mellow peacefulness. A trio of oddities that will either make you fall madly in love with this band or realise they’re not for you.

Hopefully you carry on as Won’t Come Back Alive scales things right back to showcase an incredible display of group vocals. Whereas the penultimate track, Gold Rush is a bout of powerful percussion and groovy guitar rhythm with yet another kick-ass chorus.

Little Thief then wrap things up with a simpler blast of catchy rock, although calling anything this band do ‘simple’ is a stretch. It’s a strong ending to an album that will have its lovers and much as it will have its haters.

Little Thief – Under the Patio Full Track Listing:

1. All Our Sins
2. Freak
3. Bringing It Back
4. Under The Patio
5. Doctor
6. Lost In Love
7. Jackpot
8. Won’t Come Back Alive
9. Gold Rush
10. Caroline


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Little Thief - Under The Patio (Self Released)
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