Album Review: Life Of A Hero – Letting Go (Battlegod Productions)

Life is A Hero is the UK’s new melodic rock sensation. Featuring current members of Midnite City & Vega. Life is A Hero boasts the unique vocal talents of Russ Grimmett (Son of world-renowned frontman for Lionsheart & Grim reaper, Steve Grimmett). The band’s debut album Letting Go which will be unleashed on November 12th via Battlegod Productions.

Aiming high with this debut release, Life is A Hero is all about melodic rock with an anthemic touch. The sort of feel-good, powerful and heartfelt honestly that has wide-ranging appeal and will please all comers. From the new-school that doesn’t want something too heavy, to the old-school that dreams of the heady days of rock dominance. From the club dancers, body shakers and head-bangers to those who want to be caught up in a whirlwind of grooviness. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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It’s what is immediately notable on the kick-ass groove-heavy rhythm of opener 3D and the following grin-inducing energy of the title track. What is there possibly to dislike here?

The whining riffs and gurning soloing surrounding the melodic punch of In My Dreams keeps things strong. Before the same vibes and energy that make Life is A Hero such a delight to listen too takes over for the infectious sing-along that is Caught in A Lie. The talents of this unit making for a constantly pleasing listen. Something each instrument shares equally, although some songs have specifics standing out.

Such as Don’t Waste My Time’s excellent drumming, Stay for A While’s grandiose vocals showcase and the animated guitar sound of Down and Out. The middle part of this album is rock banger after rock banger.

Having fun? Risk it All, Shine A Light and Falling Apart at the Seams aren’t going to change the good mood. The middle track of those three also happens to have the album’s best guitar solo!

The fun must end though and it’s with one more massive anthem to see things out. When We Let Go is pure foot-tapping, head-nodding and horns held high music. A moving, melodic closer that hits you right in the feels while also delivering a catchy sing-along.

Life is A Hero – Letting Go Full Track Listing:

1. 3D
2. Letting Go
3. In My Dreams
4. Caught in A Lie
5. Don’t Waste My Time
6. Stay for A While
7. Down And Out
8. Risk It All
9. Shine A Light
10. Falling Apart at The Seams
11. When We Let Go


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Life Of A Hero - Letting Go (Battlegod Productions)
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