Album Review: Lesbian Bed Death – Born to Die On VHS (Self Released)

Originally released in September 2019, Born To Die On VHS was fully remixed and remastered by producer Steve Lethal during the 2020 Covid-19 lock down.

Born To Die On VHS is an album of mainly covers from some of the band’s favourite 80’s horror movies, including The Lost Boys, Fright Night and Critters. It’s a project that founder member and Rhythm Guitarist, Mr Peach, has wanted to do for some time so it’s been a real labour of love that’s been finally brought to life thanks to the band’s fans who raised money online for the album to be recorded. It also fits perfectly with Lesbian Bed Death’s gothic punk / hard rock style which has paid homage to 80s horror throughout its career.

This album also sees the return of Lesbian Bed Death’s original singer, Luci4, which has generated a considerable amount of hype amongst the band’s fans. Luci4 is joined by existing members, Mr Peach on Rhythm Guitar, Aimee Violet on drums and Dani J Rankin on Lead Guitar.

Not only is this an incredibly fun album but it is steeped in horror, Lesbian Bed Death doing an outstanding job of covering some of horror’s classic tunes. As well as throwing in a few original tracks to be enjoyed also.

Those three; Fury, Flesh and the title track are the encapsulation of the punky and hard rocking style the band are known for. A trio of catchy and rhythmic numbers that don’t seem out of place amongst such an eclectic and grin-inducing bunch of covers.

Talking of which…

Now happily you don’t have to be a horror movie fan or know the original song to appreciate what we have here. Lesbian Bed Death are that good of a band that the 80’s infused rock and metal tunes could easily be their own if you didn’t know better. However, if you do know what you’re hearing, it will hard to wipe the silly smile off your face.

It’s all going to be personal tastes in regards to what you prefer but the likes of Hellraiser (Motorhead – Hellraiser III) and Power Of The Night (Johnny Steele – Critters) are easily the highlights.

Although I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the stonking cover of Partytime (Zombie Version) from The Return of the Living Dead. Originally by 45 Grave, Lesbian Bed Death give it some fresh life adding their own sleazy and fun style to an iconic horror movie track.

I absolutely love this album.

Lesbian Bed Death – Born to Die On VHS Full Track Listing:

1. Fury (Original song)
2. Dream Warriors (Dokken / A Nightmare On Elm Street 3) [feat guest
vocals from Lilith of Lilith and the Knight, and guest lead guitar from Steve
3. You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside (Autograph / Fright Night)
4. Scream Until You Like It (W.A.S.P. / Ghoulies II)
5. Pet Sematary (Ramones / Pet Sematary) [Feat guest vocals from Kitty
Synthetica of Novacrow)
6. Hellraiser (Motorhead / Hellraiser III) [Feat guest vocals from Tanya
Wilson of Destroy Planets]
7. Partytime (Zombie Version) (45 Grave / The Return Of The Living
8. Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys) (Lou Gramm / The Lost Boys)
9. He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Alice Cooper / Friday 13th
part VI: Jason Lives)
10.Power Of The Night (Johnny Steele / Critters)
11.Flesh (Original song)
12.Born To Die On VHS (Original song)
13.Heartbreaker (Bonus Track)


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Lesbian Bed Death - Born to Die On VHS (Self Released)
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