Album Review: Last Wishes – Organized Hate (DAZE/The Coming Strife)

Bursting out of the UK hardcore scene, Last Wishes, are creating music with hard-hitting riffs and a blunt attitude. Their debut album ‘Organized Hate’ is set for release on April 29th on DAZE (US) and The Coming Strife (UK).

Anger and aggression are the keywords to describe Last Wishes hardcore sound. They’re a band not holding back and Organized Hate is the catharsis they needed. Though, that’s not to suggest there isn’t a positive message here and there. After all, a track like Loyalty centres around the importance of friendship and respect.

For the most part though, Organized Hate is a spitting, snarling and blood-thirsty beast. A beast that is pissed off with the environment created around it and how little can be done to change that. While, Last Wishes might be focusing on their upbringing in Northern Ireland, their message runs true for pretty much everyone across the whole wide world.

Everything is shit… but you’re not alone, so join the others and get fucking angry about it.

Last Wishes have provided the soundtrack. A stomping and grooving hardcore soundtrack. It’s the encouragement to get off your apathetic ass and march in the streets. It’s the call to arms for the disenfranchised and the forgotten. It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, what you believe or so on. It simply matters that you’re a bubbling pot of rage.

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Pick your poison. Last Wishes have a blistering array of intensely raw hardcore slammers to lose your shit too. Tracks like Bring the Chaos, Your Worst Enemy, Forced into Sin and Organized H8 are enough to leave a pit full of people with a few broken bones. Manic but measured, focused but wild, chaotic but purposeful, the blunted blows Last Wishes dish out throughout Organized Hate will leave the mind, body and soul sore all over.

It’s worth every bruise and cut though.

Last Wishes – Organized Hate Full Track Listing:

1. Headcount
2. Bring The Chaos
3. Loyalty
4. Your Worst Enemy
5. Forced Into Sin
6. Street Knowledge
7. UTH
8. Organized H8
9. Disconnect
10. In Remembrance


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Last Wishes - Organized Hate (DAZE/The Coming Strife)
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