Album Review: Lassiters – The Charred Remains of Gusso the Clown (Rat Run Records)

London based noise-rock/punk band, Lassiters have released their debut album, The Charred Remains of Gusso the Clown. Out now via the independent label Rat Run Records.



Who the f**k is Gusso the Clown?

Lassiters’ are a punk band with noise-rock infusions and this debut album can be summed up with a few simple words. Chaotic. Noisy. Difficult.

The first two need little explanation as they are the summation of both punk and noise-rock. You know you’re in for something chaotic and something noisy. In fact, you will likely hope it lives up to those expectations fully. Which it does.

The difficult part comes from both those aspects and the fact that Lassiters music is akin to an unruly child you just can’t get control of. Acting up is the understatement, this band is more like a possessed child. Damien, in every sense of the word.

Of course, punk and noise-rock on their own is an acquired taste, putting them together is niche stuff. Yet, the frantic energy that Lassiters exude, combined with a talent for undiluted punk rawness, makes The Charred Remains of Gusso the Clown quite an appealing listen.

It’s a record you turn up loud. The kind of music you can smell, and the kind that you can taste at the back of your throat.

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Lassiters - The Charred Remains of Gusso the Clown (Rat Run Records)
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