Album Review: Lake of Tears – Ominous (AFM Records)

Winter is here, and with it something ominous. The new release from Lake of Tears is the perfect soundtrack for short, grey days and long, cold, dark nights. After nearly a decade of silence, Daniel Brennare, head and heart of the Swedish pioneers of dark music, finally reveals his sinister world of thought. Out of long years and intricate mathematics comes “Ominous”.

Lake of Tears will release new album ‘Ominous’ on 19th February 2021 via AFM Records.

Wearing its dark, gothic, immeasurably catchy industrial metal heart on its sleeve, Lake of Tears bring us suffocating comfort with Ominous. An album that is jam-packed with ideas and little order to make for a constantly disconcerting listen. From the energetic industrial pace of At the Destination to the cold mellow tones of In Wait and In Worries to the twisted heaviness of Lost In A Moment. The first third of the album is a mental mix of music but fascinating to hear.

Talking of which, the duo of Ominous One and Ominous Two might be the best examples of the eccentric nature of this band. The former a short and punchy heavy head-banger that encourages the body to move. The latter a slow and cold effort that is all about pouring the darkness on in impressive style.

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One Without Dreams sends ripples of reverbing guitar through the skull, The End of This World blends unusual sounding electronica with thumping heaviness and Cosmic Sailor is a mammoth sized showcase of just how dark Lake of Tears can take their sound too while not leaning to heavily on the dominant elements of the album.

The unusual album comes to a close with In Gloom. An apt title as it’s a really cold closer but one filed with hope. The life in the rhythm bubbles over and the feeling of satisfaction is immense.

Lake of Tears – Ominous Full Track Listing:

1. At The Destination
2. In Wait And In Worries
3. Lost In A Moment
4. Ominous One
5. Ominous Too
6. One Without Dreams
7. The End Of This World
8. Cosmic Sailor
9. In Gloom


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Lake of Tears - Ominous (AFM Records)
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