Album Review: Kvinna – This is Türborock (Self Released)

Kvinna is a power trio who play türborock and formed in 2015. Like an angry mammoth from outer space, they landed in the desert with their Mustang ’68. Rough, pure and full of energy, they set out to conquer the world in rattlesnake boots and denim jackets.

They sing about naked witches from outer space, laser raptors and pretty much everything that would grow in a desert in outer space that was created by the devil.

Their debut record is called ‘This is Türborock’ and releases on the 28th September 2018.

(Update – the album has been delayed until early 2019 and you can help crowd-fund the band here).

Kvinna 2

It’s probably not going to be to much of a surprise to learn that This is Türborock is a fun, bouncy and groovy sounding record. One with a hell of a lot of variety too as hefty bass hooks and sultry vocals introduce Desert Wytvch before War Machine really gets the foot tapping. The two songs offer contrasting styles but are connected by the impressive vocals.

Keeping each track short, energy levels are constantly high with the likes of Flat Tyre and She-Wolves on Fyre coming out at a hot punk pace. Then there are the more rhythmic efforts like Space Vampyres and The Angry 45, a pair of tracks that will get the hips shaking.

This is Türborock will put a smile on faces with its infectious hooks and feel-good factor. The longest track on the album, Gammal Kvinna is the perfect example of this with its riff injections and a sleazy sounding beat.

Kvinna are in and out, as quick as a sting from a scorpion. The album wraps up with one final hyper-effective tune as Full Moon Ryders hits hard with gang vocals and dusty riffing that leaves a deep layer of satisfaction over things.

Kvinna 1

Kvinna – This is Türborock Full Track Listing:

1. Desert Wytch
2. War Machine
3. Nitefighter
4. Flat Tyre
5. Space Vampyres
6. She-Wolves on Fyre
7. The Angry 45
8. Demon Road
9. Gammal Kvinna
10. Full Moon Ryders

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp and find out more by checking out Kvinna’s Facebook Page.


Kvinna - This is Türborock (Self Released)
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