Album Review: Krepuskul – Hybrid (MSH Music Group)

Hailing from Transylvania, Krepuskul are a 4-piece experimental metal band due to release their new album, Hybrid on November 3rd 2017.

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Krepuskul don’t take the words experimental metal lightly. When they say they’re doing inventive stuff they mean it. OCD (Let’s Start A War) is a 2 minute intro that is a all about crushing heaviness with a progressive edge & exciting blasts of drumming. The guttural mixed with gang vocals is so appealing & really gets you excited for what’s coming your way with the album.

Hybrid High Breed doesn’t let you down. An absolute storming track of exciting hard metal riffs, incredible drumming & vocals that are some of the strongest heard this year. It’s simply amazing how unique sounding the track & the album overall is. There hasn’t been much this year with such a high level of well structured & consistent music.

Not a note or beat is wasted, everything fits together. It’s like building a 5000 piece puzzle, there is so much going on at first that it can be overwhelming. Then you find the corners, then the edges & suddenly it all starts to come together. That is Hybrid. An absolute mind-fuck of a record that demands your full attention just so you can fully understand what Krepuskul are delivering.

Picking your favourite track here would be like having to choose between which of your kids to keep. You’d really have to think hard about it. Tracks like The Disciples’ traditional metal groove is enhanced by the throat ripping roars. With the full stop being well & truly placed by the entire band shouting furiously together.

The blasting beats of the drumming on The Limits of Hate, the unfettered aggression of Under the Black Flag & the roaring riffs of Psychotherapy. The latter will in particular put a smile on your face with the title being uttered many times throughout but in a way that borders on cheeky. It’s the kind of think that only a super-confident band could get away with!

Ending with the stunning double header of They Will Fall & Awake. A duo of tracks that cement what you will already know…Hybrid is simply one of the best metal releases of the year. Hear this album, you won’t be disappointed.

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Krepuskul – Hybrid Full Track Listing:

1. OCD (Let’s Start A War)
2. Hybrid High Breed
3. As Long As You See the Sky
4. The Disciples
5. The Limits of Hate
6. Under the Black Flag
7. Psychotherapy
8. They Will Fall
9. Awake

Get all your Krepuskul news by checking out their website here & liking their Facebook Page.


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Krepuskul - Hybrid (Self Released)
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