Album Review: Kreiviskai – Nonregnum (Cold Dungeon Records)

Nonregnum is the second full-length album made by Kreiviskai, the band from Tver, playing at the intersection of folk, ritual and ethnographic-ambient genres.

After the authentic and incredibly atmospheric debut album “Zemmis Supnai”, released in 2014, the musicians took a significant step forward and literally drove everyone crazy with their ritual single “Dāinas – Dwāi wangas”, which was released in the cold autumn of 2016.

Dainas was the first warning of that we should expect something extraordinary from the second album of this band.

Nonregnum is out now via Cold Dungeon Records.

Kreiviskai 2

A evocative and ambient listen. From the moment it starts you might be surprised that this isn’t the soundtrack to a game like The Witcher or Dragon Age. Living within a fantastical world of magical melody and wrapped in folkish ritualistic tunes, Nonregnum takes you on a journey of lightness and darkness.

There are some interesting listens throughout. The spoken words, flute melody and sounds of battle that make up Bortenevo / Бортенево, the oppressive sound of death that comes with Sieged / В осаде, the gothic tone of Great Tver Freedom / Тверская Великая Свобода and the desperation that drips through Exhaustion / Изнеможение.

That being said, Nonregnum is a weighty listen. Long and at times threatening to get stuck in the mud and blood that litters the landscape. It’s a huge album, one that really isn’t going to appeal to anyone without a leaning towards folk and ambient tastes. It’s hard to not crave just a little more oomph at times.

Don’t let that put you off though as on the whole, Kreiviskai have crafted an emotive and believable listen. This isn’t play-acting, it’s the real deal. Give it a go.

Kreiviskai 1

Kreiviskai – Nonregnum Full Track Listing:

1. Dāinas: Dwāi wangās
2. Foundation / Основание
3. Bortenevo / Бортенево
4. The Cost of Freedom (ščelkan) / Цена свободы (щелкан)
5. Sieged / В осаде
6. Great Tver Freedom / Тверская Великая Свобода
7. The Last Attempt to Stay (Nikitin) / Последняя попытка остаться (Афанасий)
8. The Lost Freedom / Утрата свободы
9. Exhaustion / Изнеможение
10. Pragnavit – Akavita
11. Оde to the Great One / Ода Великому



You can order the album via Bandcamp and find out more by going to the band’s website and Facebook Page.


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Kreiviskai - Nonregnum (Cold Dungeon Records)
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