Album Review: Kite – irradiance (Argonauta Records)

First coming to our attention in 2018 with their great EP ‘All Penetrating Silence’, Norwegian post-metal/sludge band Kite are now back with their brand new album, irradiance. Out now via Argonauta Records.

We were impressed with what Kite produced on that EP but it must be said we certainly couldn’t have expected them to step up to such a degree on their new album.

Special, irradiance is a very special release. Drenched in doomy/sludgy post-metal goodness, the whining feedback and ominous thump of the drums builds up Ghost Signal well. The tempo increasing, the guitar tone gets more jabbing, dissonant vocals arrive, and the bass lays down some serious fuzz.

The Dweller brings the menacing fuzz to the surface even more so, like dirty scum on top of a stagnate pond. Whereas Blood Calls Blood just goes hard and heavy, the shouted vocals adding even more density to an already thick set of riffs. The slow and drawn out ending is eye-watering stuff.

No chance to wipe the eyes dry though as Morlock also brings the brain-aching doom front and centre. The only relief coming from a dark drop in the middle before Kite ramp back up for a simply crushing latter half. A spectacular listen.

The longest track at nearly 10 minutes long comes in the form of the title track and sees Kite expand on their more miserable melody moments. Layering soft drops in tone around hysterical flashes of callous heaviness, it’s exhausting but so sustaining.

Reveries is much more of a bite-size chunk of noise, yet hardly lacking in the heavy department either. The guitar rhythm is particularly dream-like and a welcome lengthy post-like segment adds variety.

Finally Kite’s outstanding irradiance comes to an end with one last weighty blow that has an ethereal set of vocals, unlike anything heard elsewhere on the album. Although, it’s far from the dominant sound as for the most part, Kite play out the album with their unapologetic thickness and commanding metal.

Kite – irradiance Full Track Listing:

1. Ghost Signal
2. The Dweller
3. Blood Calls Blood
4. Morlock
5. Irradiance
6. Reveries
7. Mistweaver


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Kite - irradiance (Argonauta Records)
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