Album Review: King Legba and the Loas – Back from the Dead (Czar of Crickets Productions)

After serious health issues of the lead-singer, songwriter and guitarist Tobi Glanzmann, King Legba and the Loas is literally back from the dead. Back from the Dead is their new album and is more energetic than everything they did before as obviously they kicked the deathworld’s ass to hell. It will be released on March 22nd 2019 via Czar of Crickets Productions.


If the story about beating death isn’t enough to spark your interest, hopefully the fact that King Legba and the Loas play groovy blues and stoner rock and roll will. This is a rollicking fun album that is super-catchy and guaranteed to fill up a dance floor no matter where it is played. The title track alone gets the body shaking as though it was possessed.

Ghost Train, Voodoo Witch and Moonchild give us varying levels of garage rock speed with gruff vocals and hyper guitar riffing and soloing. Ear-pleasing tunes.

Perhaps though, it’s Resist the Gods that will get the most plays as the groovy beat gets under the skin and the energy exuding by the band becomes more and more infectious.

Even though King Legba and the Loas don’t change the formula up throughout Back from the Dead, it hardly matters. Short and sweet at just eight tracks, they don’t push their luck. Wrapping up with the real bluesy rock number of Home. A great finish played at a slower pace, it doesn’t stop it being very catchy.

Legba 1

King Legba and the Loas – Back from the Dead Full Track Listing:

1. Back from the Dead
2. Ghost Train
3. Voodoo Witch
4. Moonchild
5. Resist the Gods
6. A Little Pity
7. No Surprise
8. Home

Head over to the band’s Facebook Page for more information and stream their music via Soundcloud.


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King Legba and the Loas - Back from the Dead (Czar of Crickets Productions)
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