Album Review: King Creature – Set the World On Fire (Marshall Records)

The new King Creature album is out on November 6th via Marshall Records. Set The World On Fire was recorded using a converted garage and a lot of determination. The band worked together to produce a gritty hard rock album that  follows on from their 2017 debut Volume One.

A grimy and dirty sounding rock album, King Creature creatively blend the raw emotion of garage rock with the cold and calculated stance of a modern rock heavyweight. The two should be at complete odds with each other but King Creature seamlessly tie it all together for something with some serious thrill.

The guitars and drums are what really gives it such a dirty sound, whereas the vocals add the layer of gloss. Nowhere is this better exemplified early on then on the memorable and catchy Captives and fiery Falling Down Again.

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Although hot tempo tracks are mostly the order of business, there are melodramatic efforts too. The poignant melody of Wisdom Told is right in the middle of the previous two whereas The Storm delivers a powerful slab of rock that injects some energy around the halfway point.

Keeping up with that previous effort, I Quit’s chorus is the chunky part of the track before Demon Within, No Getting Out Alive and Beautiful Fatality showcase the raw energy that makes King Creature such a worthy offering. Each one built on a bedrock of rollicking and rolling guitars, structured percussion and classy vocals that are capable of exciting several camps of rock tastes.

The penultimate track, Fear of the Fool is a mellow offering but has some thick and chunky riffs to balance it all out. Leading to one final, frantic piece of high tempo energy in Live Forever. An apt title as it has the ability to make you feel 10 feet tall.

King Creature – Set the World On Fire Full Track Listing:

1. Desolation
2. Captives
3. Wisdom Told
4. Falling Down Again
5. The Storm
6. I Quit
7. Demon Within
8. No Getting Out Alive
9. Beautiful Fatality
10. Fear of the Fool
11. Live Forever


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King Creature - Set the World On Fire (Marshall Records)
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