Album Review: Kill the Lights – Death Melodies (Fearless Records)

Five-headed metal behemoth Kill the Lights will release their second album ‘Death Melodies’, on March 8th via Fearless Records.

It’s worth mentioning the pedigree that exists in this band as the members are no strangers to the rock and metal world.

There is Michael “Moose” Thomas (drums), who co-founded Bullet for My Valentine and Jason “Jay” James (bass), who was also a member of that band. Then there is vocalist James Clark, who fronted Throw the Fight, and guitarists Jordan Whelan and Travis Montgomery, the former part of Still Remains and the latter, Threat Signal.

It’s worth mentioning because it offers some explanation as to why Kill the Lights sound so refined and arena ready with just their second album. It also offers some explanation for the stylistic choices that are made on this album. You will hear elements that are familiar to the member’s previous work, for better or worse, depending on your feelings for the sound of modern metal with big choruses.

That’s what greets on opener, Hear You Scream. An energised blast of riffing and harmonised heaviness with a big, melodic chorus. A familiar, but likable enough start, but it’s with the following Die Alone and Broken Bones that Kill the Lights really start to mark out their own territory. Both tracks feature crunching heaviness that blends a few different metal eras, have soaring chorus, and in the case of the former, delivers a beastly breakdown.

It’s bangers like this that set the senses alight and showcase just why Kill the Lights have captured the attention of so many people already. Do they have more than heart-racing and heavy tempos, erratic riffs and harmonious soloing, emphatic percussion, and a wicked blend of guttural and clean vocals to offer though?

As if anyone needs anything more, but yes, Kill the Lights can also deliver big rock and metal ballads too as they do on Bleeding and From Ashes. Although, both tracks are put through a modern filter to give them a more relatable feel.

In between those tracks, there is Scapegoat, one of the most virulent tracks of all, riff and chorus wise. Then following the latter ballad, there is Wasting Away and Man Without a Face. Two of the heavier efforts on the album, and two absolute head-banging beasts. This side of Kill the Lights is always fascinating, because it’s the kind of heavy that turns the head of naysayers, but each still has an infectious quality to them too. Putting it simply, Kill the Lights seem incapable of not writing anthemic music.

Need any more proof? There’s Ghost of Yesterday, with its sombre start and massive chorus. Then there is Sleep with the Devil, where Kill the Lights head back into ballad territory with one their more emotionally wrought tracks so far. Finally, there is Suicidal and Drowning, the former is a defiant example of heavyweight speed, and the latter is dripping in emotion, and very dramatic.

This album is going to appeal to so many and almost every track could be a hit single alone, with a wide and varied crowd. If you thought they were popular before, things are going to get very silly over the next couple of years.

You can catch them on tour throughout the UK in April at the following dates:

Fri 19th Apr – CARDIFF Globe
Sat 20th Apr – LONDON Downstairs at The Dome
Sun 21st Apr – SOUTHAMPTON Joiners
Tue 23rd Apr – NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms
Wed 24th Apr – LEEDS Key Club
Thu 25th Apr – GLASGOW Garage Attic
Fri 26th Apr – MANCHESTER Star and Garter
Sat 27th Apr – BIRMINGHAM Asylum2
Sun 28th Apr – BRIGHTON Dust

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Kill the Lights – Death Melodies Track Listing:

1. Hear You Scream
2. Die Alone
3. Broken Bones
4. Bleeding
5. Scapegoat
6. From Ashes
7. Wasting Away
8. Man Without a Face
9. Ghost of Yesterday
10. Sleep With the Devil
11. Suicidal
12. Drowning


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Kill the Lights - Death Melodies (Fearless Records)
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