Album Review: Kaos Reign – Epiphany (Self Released)

Connecticut power trio Kaos Reign are here to assault your senses with their unique mixture of death, doom and thrash metal. With influences from early Sepultura, Slayer, and Pantera, Kaos Reign was formed in the Winter of 2013 by Bill Klopfer (Guitars/Vocals) and Chris Anderson (Drums). With 2 full-length albums under their belt, Kaos Reign is back once again and excited to announce their 3rd full- length album, Epiphany which comes out on April 2, 2018.

Kaos Reign 2

It’s the snarling thrash that first gains the attention on Kaos Reign’s lengthy metal epic. Selfish Backstabber has some meaty riffs & a deceptive level of groove running through it. It’s an opener that makes a hell of a statement.



Breathing fire & brimstone, Kaos Reign smash their way through track after track slipping effortlessly through ferocious death metal, 80’s thrash and classic flourishes of traditional heavy metal. An album that surprises as much as it delights. Lethal Injection’s riffs, The Criminal Inside’s doomy vibe, the ferocity of Under the Knife and the relatable/on the nose lyrics of Everyone is Offended.

For most of the albums run it does a great job of keeping your attention. Anytime the mind does begin to wander, Kaos Reign stamp hard on feet to get all attention back on them.

The final handful of tracks do see the band run a little out of steam as Punish Myself lacks imagination and Placebo fails to re-light the fire. Happily though, the final track finds the gasoline. Isolation Chamber is a nastier number that utilises booming bass, sermon-like vocals and some absolutely killer drumming to sign off in style.

Kaos Reign 1

Kaos Reign – Epiphany Full Track Listing:

1. Selfish Backstabber
2. Dispatch the Threat
3. Lethal Injection
4. Epiphany
5. The Criminal Inside
6. Parasite
7. Under the Knife
8. Everyone is Offended
9. How do you Sleep at Night?
10. Punish Myself
11. Placebo
12. Isolation Chamber

You can order the album now via Bandcamp and CD Baby here. Find out more/keep up to date via Kaos Reign’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.


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Kaos Reign - Epiphany (Self Released)
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