Album Review: Jesusegg – The Second Coming (Seeing Red Records)

If the spirit of grindcore is dissidence and character, Cleveland’s Jesusegg embodies the auditory essence of the warped and troubled mind of the genre. Making a habit of discomfort and a hobby out of experimentation, what is hatched is the spawn of Human Remains, Discordance Axis, and early death grind pioneers who, like this band of lunatics, favored to stand out amongst a crowd rather than be swallowed up by mediocrity. Ensuring to not sacrifice ferocity for individuality, Jesusegg undoubtedly appeals to grind’s purists as well as those on the fringe of its reach. This is the other side of madness.

Jesusegg began in 2003 out of a love for all things Grind. Taking cues from grind innovators mentioned above such as Human Remains, Discordance Axis, as well as Nasum, Rotten Sound, and Anal Cunt, Jesusegg embody the true essence of grind, combining themes that range from a primary focus on social and political concerns, to gory subject matter and black humour.

The Second Coming will be released on July 26th 2019 via Seeing Red Records.



Grind in every sense of the word, this 15 track offering from the noise merchants Jesusegg comes in at just 11 minutes. So you know what that means! A super-short, intense and very wild experience all with the bands tongue firmly planted in their cheeks.

What other style of metal would a 30 second track called Improper Use of A Breast Pump work?

Played at a constantly frantic pace, the savagery of the music is genuinely on another level and clear proof that grind still has a place at the table in 2019. Even if a lot of the other genres are embarrassed to be seen around it.

Eat Sleep Rape, Gunt Hunt, Dildozer, Laddy Dong Legs…it spits and snarls almost begging the listener to just give up and walk away. If you’re a fan of grind then there is no way in hell you’ll be anything but impressed. Though if grind has never been your thing, this isn’t going to change that.

A hell of a lot of fun.

Jesusegg – The Second Coming Full Track Listing:

1. Julius Seizure
2. Cervical Rot
3. Improper Use of Of A Breast Pump
4. Eat Sleep Rape
5. Diuretic Orgasm
6. Mambo #4
7. Gunt Hunt
8. Dildozer
9. Laddy Dong Legs
10. Autocanabalism
11. Succelus
12. Meatswell
13. Anti-Christamine
14. Profundicate
15. Reversed Baptism


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Jesusegg - The Second Coming (Seeing Red Records)
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