Album Review: Jestr – The Dead & Riches (Self Released)

Alternative rock quartet Jestr draws inspiration from mythology, the paranormal along with any curious manifestations or bizarre tales. Based out of Lafayette, Louisiana, Jestr was initially devised as a solo project by Brett Bradley at the end of 2019, the name Jestr comes from a strong spiritual experience Brett had. Recording for the debut album began in late 2020, with the band’s current line-up materialising in spring of 2021.

Their debut album ‘The Dead & Riches’ will be released on February 11th, 2022.

In their own words:

We are absolutely overjoyed to share with you all our Debut LP The Dead & Riches. This album has been one heck of an experience and we cannot wait for y’all to take the driver’s seat with this record. We hope you have as good a time listening to it as we did making it!

Alt-rock with tones of pop-rock, pop-punk, emo and more, Jestr share a fair bit in common with the big hitters of the alternative scene throughout the mid to late-noughties. Something that takes hold almost immediately with the pairing of Sonoma and Ghost of You. The former is a 49-second intro of soft melody and melodramatic vocals, the latter is the energy upgrade needed and has plenty of pep in its step.

By Design is one of the longer tracks on the album but the first track that sounds exclusively like its own thing. Jestr mixing dramatic melodies with rock groove and delivering a strong, singalong chorus.

Then it’s time for something with foot-tapping and finger-drumming qualities in Gold Beach, something with laidback rhythmic vibrations in Avenue of the Giants, and something with off-kilter groove in Birth of a Charlatan. An interesting mix of tracks that keep things on the lighter side of rock but feel befittingly alternative.

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If there is one thing that stands out more than anything else on this album, it is the clear passion behind the music Jestr deliver. Nowhere is that more evident than on the powerful track, The Fix. The instrumentation is playful and melodic, but the vocals alternate between soft, chilled, imposing and lung-busting.

The consistent small stylistic changes is kept at the forefront with Hades, Spellbound and The Man from Taured. Three tracks with three unique alt-rock panaches but each as catchy and memorable as the last.

Finally, it’s the delightfully pop rock Scare You! (the Weezer influence is strong on this one) and the brooding drama of Lush to wrap up a damn fine debut release.

It’s fair to say that Jestr aren’t necessarily doing anything brand new and if you have a distaste for alt-rock in general then you may not be wowed by what you hear here. Everybody else though? It’s a good time with a ton of interesting ideas, memorable moments and catchy tunes.

Jestr – The Dead & Riches Full Track Listing:

1. Sonoma
2. Ghost of You
3. By Design
4. Gold Beach
5. Avenue of the Giants
6. Birth of a Charlatan
7. The Fix
8. Hades
9. Spellbound
10. The Man from Taured
11. Scare You!
12. Lush


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Jestr - The Dead & Riches (Self Released)
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