Album Review: Jailbirds – The Great Escape (Golden Robot Records)

Jailbirds are an Australian/Irish hard rock band based in Dublin, Ireland.

The band is composed of four members, Axel McDonald, lead vocals and lead guitar, his brother Jay McDonald on drums, both of whom are the founding members originating from Sydney, Australia. Completing the raw and powerhouse sound of Jailbirds are Irish rhythm guitarist Ed Orr and bass player Jamie Trimble.

Great Escape

The band produce a unique, dynamic, energetic and explosive sound defining a new generation of hard rock thanks to a healthy appetite of Australian powerhouse rock bands such as AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo and legendary Irish rockers, Thin Lizzy. Their high-energy live shows are a testament to the bands growing reputation and intend to leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving 100% in just about everything they do.

They will now release their new album ‘The Great Escape’ on 5th July 2019 via Golden Robot Records.

If there are two countries that we think of when we hear good-time rock and roll, it’s Ireland and Australia. Both countries having produced some of the biggest and best hard-rocking and beer-swilling bands ever. Jailbirds aren’t quite there yet but The Great Escape will go some way in helping them reach the heights they so desire.

While they’re not throwing out anything particularly fresh, what they do is deliver a body-shaking, hip-grooving and foot-tapping set of rock tracks. You’d have to have a stone-cold heart to not enjoy the peppiness of Loose Cannon, the wicked guitar work of Nothing Good Lasts Forever, the sleazy, sexy rhythm of Shadow of Love or the hyper groove of The Pilot.

It’s never boring and by keeping it relatively short (eight tracks), Jailbirds are able to throw their all into ensuring each track is the best it could possibly. The soundtrack to a night out, downing beers with friends at the best bar in town.

Jailbirds 1

Jailbirds – The Great Escape Full Track Listing:

1. The Great Escape
2. Loose Cannon
3. Nothing Good Lasts Forever
4. Shadow of Love
5. Thrill of the Chase
6. Underdog
7. The Pilot
8. Fight or Flight


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Jailbirds - The Great Escape (Golden Robot Records)
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