Album Review: Jagged Vision – Death Is This World (Fysisk Format)

Norwegian five-piece Jagged Vision return with their new album, Death is This World. The new album is available on March 10th 2017 via Fysisk Format.

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Death is This World has a real raw, garage sound about it. Filled with bounce, sludgy riff heavy numbers that draw influences from hardcore, dejent & stoner metal. It’s organised chaos all dictated by the hyper-aggressive shouting vocal style of Ole Urke Wik.

Betrayer is a great opener, hook-laden & desperate sounding. It’s a fiery start that continues to blaze merrily onward with the catchy-beat of Euthanasia. With about a minute & a half to go it kicks things up to another level. Pure circle pit heaven.

Song after song has some point that sticks out for all the right reasons. Death is This World’s short but thumping drum beat, the hyper-aggressive speed of I Am Death (a standout track of the album), Feeble Souls’ intense guitar hooks. It’s an easy album to fall in love with.

To help keeps from getting stale the midpoint has Emperor of…begin with a lovely bass heavy melody. It first threatens to blow up early but instead brings in the drums & adds a great sounding guitar solo to the mix.

Then it blows up…

It picks up in pace, getting heavier by the moment. It’s an experience of a listen & one that proves Jagged Vision have way more in the tank then first expected.

If you weren’t crazy about this record before, the latter half of the album just cements itself as a real contender for the top 10 of 2017. While vocally it may not always be the most exciting sound, as a part of the overall metal package it’s pretty damn good!

The final few tracks do as much as possible to blow your brains out of your ears. While Serpents doesn’t capture the imagination as well as what came before, Forlorn’s incredible riffs & rolling drum beat moments brings things back around.

Death is This World finishes on Palehorse, a destructive piece of metal that works very hard & being the heaviest song on the entire album. It’s a fine finish to an album that barely puts a foot wrong, a pissed off record that lives up to its early promise of mind-melting tunes.

Death is this World Full Track Listing:

1. Betrayer
2. Euthanasia
3. Death is this World
4. I Am Death
5. Feeble Souls
6. Emperor Of…
7. Seven Seals
8. Serpents
9. Forlorn
10. Palehorse

You can pick up the new album here. Check out the band over on Facebook & on Twitter. You can listen to some of their music on YouTube, SoundCloud, Myspace, LastFM & Spotify. You can also find out more about Fysisk Format here & on Facebook here.


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Jagged Vision - Death Is This World (Fysisk Format)
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