Album Review: Iterum Nata – From the Infinite Light (Nordvis Produktion)

Drawing from a wellspring of sinister musings and an incessant drive for musical experimentation, Iterum Nata presents ‘From the Infinite Light’, due for release by Nordvis on March 15th, 2024.



Described as a concept album that explores the birth of darkness and death. With a narrative unfolding through two voices; the voice of darkness and the voice of a desperate man unravelling his destiny as he descends into madness. From the Infinite Light is grand showcase of imagination expressed through the power of progressive rock, folk, black, and doom metal. Jesse Heikkinen, the man behind Iterum Nata is one hell of a creative spirit and demands you peer into the void with him.

As terrifying as that prospect is, the rich rewards of this album make it worthwhile. Where genre boundaries aren’t so much as crossed, but rather, smashed. There are no limitations when it comes to darkness and death, so why put any on music that looks to explore both from a conceptual perspective?

Does it work though? That’s going to depend on how willing you are to really let this envelope you. With this much creativity, comes challenge, and there are many moments that test the listener. In particular, when the music comes from a much more progressive world. Which is quite often, but rarely in the same way.

It is quite something to hear this music go from folky weirdness, to something harshly damning, to something light and melody focused, to something dastardly dark, and to something epic sounding. Sometimes in the same track. No one can fault Iterum Nata, or this album, for being bravely experimental. Yet, the over-arching sense of despair, something enhanced by the story-telling aspects, is always front and centre. Darkness encapsulates this release, and darkness will claim it.

Will it consume you though? That depends on how much you’re willing to give to it, but bear in mind it’s a very demanding album. Of course it is, there’s so much going on and so much to take in. This is no ‘background’ listen, it’s an album you invest in. Headphones, lights down, mind focused on what dark wonders it has to offer. Be immersed and be richly rewarded for that investment.

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Iterum Nata – From the Infinite Light Track Listing:

1. Overture Limitless Light
2. This Gleaming Eternity
3. A Manifested Nightmare
4. Ambrosia
5. The Drifter
6. A Darkness Within
7. Something Truly Almighty
8. The Crown of All


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Iterum Nata - From the Infinite Light (Nordvis Produktion)
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