Album Review: Inverted Serenity – As Spectres Wither (Self Released)

The new album from Winnipeg based death metal band Inverted Serenity is called As Spectres Wither. It will be released on October 6th 2017 independently.

Inverted Serenity 1

To simply call As Spectres Wither a death metal album would be something of an injustice. It’s far more than that, mixing elements of traditional heavy metal, groove & tech to create an exciting modern metal sound.

The heaviness & complex riffing is brought to the forefront quickly with the likes of Dead Dialectics, Mitral Genesis & We Who Wander. A trio of tracks that lay out everything Inverted Serenity are all about. Crushing heaviness, huge mind-bending riffs & angry guttural old school death metal vocals.

This is metal that gets under your skin. Metal that makes your brain itch.

Whereas a lot of tech infused metal can sometimes get a bit over-confident & sound like a band showing off, Inverted Serenity use their talents for one purpose & one purpose only. To get you head-banging like you’ve never head-banged before.

It’s not just the constant hammering of metal though. What makes As Spectres Wither such a great listen are the flashes of melody that come completely out of nowhere. Cornerstones has an absolutely soaring finale while Paragon offers a more introspective guitar medley. Not dominating in anyway, just peppered throughout to enhance the aggressive death metal.

As Spectres Wither might only be 9 tracks long but the journey it takes you on is one that will last for days. The latter part of the albums adds some epic stylishness to the music with the soaring riffs of Grave & the expansive technical mastery of Lunar Cradle. As a finale it’s utterly transfixing in its quality, a testament to just how good an album this is.

For reason that escape me though, the final track is about a minute & a half of rough sounding jam guitar strumming. It’s nice enough but at odds with the well-produced music that came before!

Inverted Serenity 2

Inverted Serenity – As Spectres Wither Full Track Listing:

1. Dead Dialectics
2. Mitral Genesis
3. We Who Wander
4. Cornerstones
5. Paragon
6. Mechanical Gods
7. Grave
8. Lunar Cradle
9. Mountains of Stoke

You can order the album & earlier work on Bandcamp. Keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page & check out some of their videos on YouTube.


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Inverted Serenity - As Spectres Wither (Self Released)
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