Album Review: Instorm – Taming the Chaos (Metal Carnival Records)

Russian melo-death band Instorm are proud to announce the impending release of their second full-length, Taming the Chaos, due out December 7th 2018 via Metal Carnival Records.

Instorm was formed in 2011 by two like-minded guitarists, Roman Nemtsev and Marina Nemtseva, as a means to create heavy, powerful, death metal in the vein of Dark Tranquillity, Archy Enemy and Wintersun. After completing their lineup with the addition of bassist Alexander Petrov and drummer Antvik, the band hit multiple studios to record their debut full-length, Madness Inside.

That was released in 2013 by Total Metal Records. The band soon parted ways with Artvik and signed to Metal Carnival Records. Flash forward to 2019, the trio is looking to scorch the Earth with their take on melodic death metal with their upcoming sophomore effort, Taming the Chaos.

Instorm 2


With the end of the year arriving, most websites, magazines and writers will be compiling their end of year lists. Top albums, top songs, top releases…whatever it is called. The chances of anything this late in the year making this list is slim. Many though would regret not adding Instorm’s second album Taming the Chaos as it is one of the finer and more unique death metal releases this year.

Day/Night starts the fire with killer riffing before the howl of familiar death metal rings out. It’s harsh, heavy but unexpectedly the beat changes tact and turns into what can only be described as folk-like. This switch happens on numerous occasions throughout and you’ll find your foot tapping and head nodding along. The less said about the warbling extra vocals though, the better.

Another Reflection and Lethal Winter are all about the guitars and they slay here with a constant high tempo in the former while the latter does it with attitude. The folky rhythm returns for Quest for the Light, a real high and alongside Reach for the Sky it cements the incredible guitar abilities of this band.

So much enjoyment can be gained from Taming the Chaos, no matter the tempo, vocal style or intensity of the riffs. Each track has something that makes it stand out in some way or another and before you even know it, it has reached its climax with the excellent Lifeless and the morose outro, The Light.

Instorm 1

Instorm – Taming the Chaos Full Track Listing:

1. The Origin of Chaos
2. Day/Night
3. Another Reflection
4. Lethal Winter
5. Quest for the Light
6. Reach for the Sky
7. Serenity
8. Wisdom of Sanity
9. Lifeless
10. Faith Path
11. The Light

Head over to Instorm’s website and Facebook Page to keep up to date with news of the release. Earlier releases can be picked up over on Bandcamp and the new album will be available via all major streaming services. Finally you can check out videos over on Instorm’s YouTube Channel.


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Instorm - Taming the Chaos (Metal Carnival Records)
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