Album Review: Inonum – Follow the Witch (Self Released)

Follow the Witch is the first album by Inonum. The one man melodic death metal project of Chad Waller who is the co-founder of Dual Wield Software. As well as the co-host of The Comics Podcast and co-host of Opinions are Cheap.



One man melodic death metal. A ballsy choice for a musician to make but one that isn’t out of the realm of possibility nowadays.

Red Contortion is our opening track, the sound of waves followed by a violin and a thumping drum beat. The guitars arrive to increase the tempo and you can feel it beginning to vibrate throughout the body. The combination of guitar, drums and violin is suddenly and rudely given an extra sharpness with filthy and guttural vocals that are utterly indiscernible, exactly as all good death metal should be. It’s disjointed and rough but my goodness, is appealing.

The Eighth Circle has a certain kind of frantic-ness to it but the tempo slows allowing the vocals and violin to really shine. Whereas I Once Stopped for Death is all kinds of filth, the sharpness of the riffs played at an energetic pace really stands out.

Follow the Witch and its desperate melody is suitably dark, whereas The Artist is a heated blast to the face and Hypnosis takes a simple piano melody and creates threat and desire.

That’s the perfect setup for Haunted in Your Head that continues the trend of sharp violin sounds cutting through any malaise. All before the horrifying viscosity of the vocals claws into the mind. The slower tempo dominated by a hell of a guitar showcase is addictive listening.

Finally a double header of hate arrives with Kill the Light and Firefrost. The latter of the two being the one to remember, a lengthy and sprawling listen, it’s very imaginative and gloriously vile as everything heard so far. Yet it also retains some of the beauty found elsewhere, the symphonic elements really putting a smile on the face.

Inonum – Follow the Witch Full Track Listing:

1. Red Contortion
2. The Eighth Circle
3. I Once Stopped for Death
4. Follow the Witch
5. The Artist
6. Hypnosis
7. Haunted in Your Head
8. Kill the Light
9. Firefrost


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Inonum - Follow the Witch (Self Released)
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