Album Review: Infernarium – Kadotuksen Harmonia (Helter Skelter)

Infernarium’s full-length Kadotuksen Harmonia is an icy yet burning-hot blast of second-wave black metal classicism. Hailing from the black metal hotbed of Finland, the band exhibit many of their homeland’s foremost traits.

The album will be released on January 21st 2019 via Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) on CD and 12″ vinyl formats.

Infernarium 2

Fitting the cold of January perfectly, Infernarium’s new album is a relentless blast of freezing cold air. One that numbs the face and body until it penetrates you to your bones. Working off a familiar blueprint, the black metallers deliver an exceptionally raw and uncultured listen.

Heikkoutensa Orja drips gothic atmosphere. Herra Kädelläsi sets ablaze any belief that you might have of Infernarium not having rhythm and Amen Armageddon combines the two to deliver a masterclass in evil heaviness. Three tracks in and Infernarium are setting the black metal bar high for 2019.

They’re far from finished with their rituals though as the 8+ minutes of Liekkien Ruhtinas steps forth.

A momentous offering, this is an exhausting trek for freezing cold environments all while the threat of death hang heavily overhead. Black metal at its finest and its most devastating.

Had the album ended there, we would have had few complaints. After such a draining track the thought of three more is a bit daunting. However, Infernarium refuse to let up even when letting a church organ take over during Luvattu Profeetta. The instrument just heightens the dread felt.

Amazingly, it just gets better as Kadotuksen Harmonia’s short length (by Infernarium standards) pulsates with hot anger. Before Isä, Poika, Pedofiili ends things in noisy fashion.

Black metal at its finest.

Infernarium 1

Infernarium – Kadotuksen Harmonia Full Track Listing:

1. Heikkoutensa Orja
2. Herra Kädelläsi
3. Amen Armageddon
4. Huorien ja Rottien Seurakunta
5. Liekkien Ruhtinas
6. Luvattu Profeetta
7. Kadotuksen Harmonia
8. Isä, Poika, Pedofiili

You can order the album via Helter Skelter here.


Infernarium - Kadotuksen Harmonia (Helter Skelter)
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