Album Review: Inert – Vermin (Neckbreaker Records)

Inert started as a two-man studio project by Gustavo García (vocals) and Xavier Aguilar (guitars) in mid 2015. With one member in Stockholm, and the other in Barcelona, and influenced by bands such as Dismember, Grave, Entombed, Death, or Bloodbath, the band recorded and auto-released its debut EP “Obliteration of the Self” in June 2016.

Shortly after, “Obliteration of the Self” was released on tape by Caco-Daemon Records and afterwards on vinyl by Neckbreaker Records. In addition, Caco-Daemon Records released an especial Japanese edition of the EP that sold out in less than 24 hours. Inert turned into a four-man army with the addition of Paolo Cito (bass) and Martin Karlsson (drums) in 2018. The band, now as a quartet, recorded their debut album “Vermin” during the summer and autumn of 2018.

Inert now proudly announces the release of their debut album Vermin on June 28th 2019 via Neckbreaker Records.

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Vermin is a concept album on mankind and its self-destructive behavior as a species. Through the album, Inert explores the darkest corners of mankind: greed, baseness, deceit, envy, and violence, among others.

An extreme heavy listen, an extreme nasty sharp blast to the face and an extreme level of fury blasted out loud. Inert’s Vermin is an extreme metal album delivering 8 original and 1 cover of death infused savagery.

Heated up to boiling point, the title track sees the pot of bubbling noise begin to run over before Bassals de Sang erupts in skin and flesh burning style. Horrendously heavy but very listenable thanks to some groovy riffing, melodramatic vocal roars and a set of drums intense enough to wake the dead.

This all culminates in a roaring Murder in Me, an early highlight and also the most intense heard so far. The guitar rhythm is wild and backed up by the incredible drumming is powerful enough to make the brain ache.

It’s more of the same loud, heavy and savage noise for Kingdom of Sulphur and Values’ Decay. The former a track that delivers beastly guitar chug and a winding solo that slays. While the latter and the following Rotten Corpse Feast are both just two strong slabs of fury.

It’s back to a higher level of quality with La Malura as the gothic bell rings out as way of an introduction. A slower and grim effort, the gurgling vocals are horrific to hear and then it opens up the pit of fire and despair as the tempo increases and things get really nasty.

Finally it’s Vermin (New Breed) as the last original track from the intangible Inert. One final short fiery blast of angry venom and hate. The actual last track is a cover of Animic’s Horse’s Mane. Not being familiar with the original there is nothing to compare it to but as an Inert song it’s perfectly fine, not particularly exciting but a decent way to end the album.

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Inert – Vermin Full Track Listing:

1. Vermin
2. Bassals de Sang
3. Murder in Me
4. Kingdom of Sulphur
5. Values’ Decay
6. Rotten Corpse Feast
7. La Malura
8. Vermin (New Breed)
9. Horse’s Mane (Animic Cover)




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Inert - Vermin (Neckbreaker Records)
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