Album Review: Imprecation – Damnatio Ad Bestias (Dark Descent Records)

Formed in 1991, Imprecation has become a vaunted institution in the underground, with their now-classic “Theurgia Goetia Summa” compilation cited by bands across the globe.

Imprecation rises again from the blasted lands of Texas with their darkest spell ever, Damnatio Ad Bestias. Out on March 22nd 2019 via Dark Descent Records.

Imprecation 2

If you’re not familiar with Imprecation already, you will be very familiar with their deep and brooding heaviness. Firmly planted in the extreme metal end of the scale, they play grim and comfortless death metal with black, thrash and doom elements added to really give it a filthy and polluted sound.

The squalid and vile heaviness of Temple of the Foul Spirit and Morbid Crucifixion sets the bar for fetid metal early on. However, it’s Baptized in Satan’s Blood that really steps things up in the guitar department while remaining impossibly heavy. A raging head-banger of a track.

It’s business as usual for Imprecation as they continue to batter away at your faculties with all their metal might. Beasts of the Infernal Void, the title track and Dagger, Thurible, Altar of Death bring nothing but Imprecation’s A game in regards to noxious and rancid death metal.

The final two tracks, The Shepard and the Flock and Ageless Ones of None don’t change the formula up. However, that’s not a complaint as both bring frenzied pockets of cruelty bringing a really good death metal album to its conclusion.

Imprecation 1

Imprecation – Damnatio Ad Bestias Full Track Listing:

1. Temple of the Foul Spirit
2. Morbid Crucifixion
3. Baptized in Satan’s Blood
4. Beasts of the Infernal Void
5. Damnatio Ad Bestias
6. Dagger, Thurible, Altar of Death
7. The Shepherd and the Flock
8. Ageless Ones of None

Head over to Dark Descent Record’s store to order the album now and find out more about Imprecation via Facebook Page.


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Imprecation - Damnatio Ad Bestias (Dark Descent Records)
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