Album Review: Implore – Alienated Despair (Century Media Records)

International grindcore-death-punk force Implore have been around since 2013. They’ve put out two albums, “Depopulation” (2015) and their Century Media debut “Subjugate” (2017), as well as a number of singles and split releases. Just like its members are spread all across Europe, never really settling down anywhere, Implore have literally played hundreds of shows all over the globe, a good number of which they’ve booked themselves – always staying true to the DIY spirit inherent in the underground niches of extreme metal and hardcore punk, which goes hand in hand with their unapologetic political and socio-critical direction.

After going through another line-up change before the recording sessions to their upcoming third studio album “Alienated Despair” Implore are back even stronger and angrier than ever. It is out on the 27th September 2019 via Century Media Records.

Alienated Despair

Such a pissed off band. Such a pissed off record. Implore will make your eyes water, your brain ache and your ears sore with Alienated Despair. 11 tracks, a raging torrent of a cesspool of grindcore-death-punk that makes the stomach clench and the mind run for fear of destruction.

There’s just about order within the chaos here, making a hyper-active, rough and angry approach all the the more palatable. Of course, it’s not going to be every one. That’s grind, that’s death and that’s punk for you. Throw them all together and you have this album so if that fills you with dread, probably best this is given a miss.

However, if the idea of uncontrollable fury, disgusted heaviness and a massive f**k you to everyone appeals then you must here this. The likes of Parallax, The Constant Dissonance, All Consuming Filth and The Venom Comes in Droves are just insane to hear.

That’s before we even mention Never Again which features Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates on guest vocals for a ripping performance.

It’s a banger, an uncouth banger, exactly as it should be.


Implore -Alienated Despair Full Track Listing:

1. Faculties Of Time
2. Abandoned Desires
3. Parallax
4. All Is Not Lost Is Long Forgotten
5. The Constant Dissonance
6. Never Again (feat. Tomas Lindberg)
7. All Consuming Filth
8. Let The Pleasure Destroy Me
9. In Apathetic Isolation
10. The Venom Comes In Droves
11. Despondency


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Implore - Alienated Despair (Century Media Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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