Album Review: Ichor – God Of Thunder God Of War (Seance Records)

The cult black metal band, Ichor formed in 1993 and disbanded later that year. During that time, the band recorded and released a self-titled four-track demo tape. But, its disbanding was also for good reason: Ichor’s two members, Wraith and Diablore, wanted to focus on their other band, the now-legendary Nazxul.

Late in 2017, the decision was made by Wraith and Diablore to re-form Ichor, and the duo promptly recorded the band’s first full-length. It is called God of Thunder God of War and is out on October 5th 2018 via Seance Records.

Ichor 2

I really hope you like your black metal as dark, primal and ritualistic as possible because that is exactly what Ichor are offering with this long-awaited release. Six tracks of diabolical bleakness, roughly produced and unconditional in its black metal heaviness.

It’s so good though. So appealing as though it’s speaking to hidden thoughts and feelings. Bringing them to the forefront of the mind, body and soul with Spectres of the Woods, Noble Ichor and Vucica. Songs that encompass all that is unholy about this style of music.

It’s almost like Ichor are saying “you wanted it?! You got it” and then making sure no-one walks away unchanged. Truth be told, few will as the haunted heaviness of Call of the Bloodthirst and the brutal tempo of Yaga’s Tomb makes knees shake and stomachs ache.

The roar of a fog-horn followed by intense bursts of speed welcomes all to the end. Daughters of Wrath kicks as hard as it possibly can determined to break some bones. The black metal fire isn’t going out…in fact, it’s just intensified.

Ichor 1

Ichor – God of Thunder God of War Full Track Listing:

1. Spectres of the Woods
2. Noble Ichor
3. Vucica
4. Call of the Bloodthirst
5. Yaga’s Tomb
6. Daughters of Wrath

Head over to Seance Records to order the album now and keep up to date with news by liking Ichor’s Facebook Page.


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Ichor - God Of Thunder God Of War (Seance Records)
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