Album Review: Ice War – Defender, Destroyer (Fighter Records)

Ice War was formed solely by Jo Capitalicide (also in Aphrodite) which occurred after the dissolution of his previous band Iron Dogs in 2015. Since then, he’s been releasing demos, EPs and albums at full force! Now, Ice War has signed with Fighter Records for the release of its 4th album “Defender, Destroyer”. Out on July 21st, 2020.

While predominantly weighted towards early speed metal, punk influences make themselves known throughout Ice War’s new album. From the blistering pace of Power from Within into the title track’s snarling ferociousness and Soldiers of Frost’s utterly insane guitar play and chorus driven vocals. It’s certainly not an album controlled or confined by the speed metal tag.

Although if some head-spinning heaviness and constantly sharp riffing is what you’re after; Rising from the Tomb, Crucified in Fire and Demonoid will provide some serious neckache. Although jammed in between them is a lower-tempo and melody-tinged Mountains of Skulls which helps break up any potential monotony.

Probably the most rhythmically pleasing and catchiest track of the bunch arrives with Skull and Crossbones. Before Running Our of Time and Breakaway wrap up in good old fashioned heavy punk metal style.

Ice War – Defender, Destroyer Full Track Listing:

1. Power from Within
2. Defender, Destroyer
3. Soldiers of Frost
4. Rising from the Tomb
5. Mountains of Skulls
6. Crucified in Fire
7. Demonoid
8. Skull and Crossbones
9. Running Out of Time
10. Breakaway




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Ice War - Defender, Destroyer (Fighter Records)
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