Album Review: I Am – Eternal Steel (MNRK Heavy)

Brandishing a unique blend of furious thrash and death metal like a weapon of mass destruction, I Am is as no-nonsense in their patented “Texas Death” assault as their moniker implies. Eternal Steel, the quintet’s debut for MNRK, is out on September 9th, 2022.

Southern-flavoured thrash and death? It will do as a way to sum up what you can expect from I Am and their new album, Eternal Steel. Although another might be ‘straight-forward’, in the sense that I Am have set out to deliver an album filled with intense and heavy metal anthems. Something they can proudly say they have achieved.

Be ready to have your ass well and truly kicked by the ferocity that I Am exude here. There’s no let-up as the band rip the entrails out of both thrash and death, twist it with ‘core’ vibes and put it on display in macabre fashion. Eleven tracks of brash brutality, Eternal Steel spits out vigorous anger from beginning to end.

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From the moment The Primal Wave hits with enough force to knock the air out of lungs to the moment Manic Cure causes a torrent of chaos to erupt in the mind, I Am are well and truly bringing the heavy. Highlights elsewhere include the heart-racing and blood-boiling thrash of the title track. The blackened growls and brash riffing of Vicious Instinct, the blood-spraying and gut-tearing monstrosity that is Queen Incarnate and the stompy death metal gold of Price of Pain.

An awesome selection of head bangers and an undoubtably strong example of just how addictively savage the album is overall.

I Am – Eternal Steel Full Track Listing:

1. The Primal Wave
2. Surrender to The Blade
3. The Iron Gate
4. Eternal Steel
5. Vicious Instinct
6. Infernal Panther
7. Queen Incarnate
8. Heaven on Earth
9. Price of Pain
10. Eye Candy
11. Manic Cure




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I Am - Eternal Steel (MNRK Heavy)
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