Album Review: Hypermass – Empyrean (Self Released)

Norwegian progressive death metal band Hypermass who will release their monstrous debut album, Empyrean, on June 3rd, 2022. Years in the making, Hypermass formed as a melodic death band a decade ago and released their first record, an EP titled Clouded Visions in 2015. Since then, they’ve evolved musically, transcending the traditional trenches of the genre, and pushing themselves progressively to a whole new level.

Synth infusions, a general feeling of sci-fi and a hyperactive expulsion of progressive death, credit where credit is due, Hypermass are certainly an imaginative bunch. It really shows as they transition from the expansive intro of The Constant to the blistering, brash and technically sound heaviness of Hivemind. These first two tracks; a great showcase of who Hypermass are in 2022 and what they are capable of.

The blazing showcase of intensity on that previous track was just the starter though and there’s a lot of fulfilling morsels to come. Starting with The Degenerate Strain, as rippling heaviness clashes with progressive detail and guttural aggression. Followed then by Null and Void, as Hypermass dig even deeper to unearth even more uncompromising death metal brutality. Yet, this is also a track that has a melodic shift that sees the band get a bit rockier, briefly. A very interesting listen.

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The speed of To Dissect and Serve is one thing that makes this track stand out, but another is the stompy riffing that conjures up images of circle pit mayhem. Before the longest track on the album, Behind the Leviathan drops the tempo slightly while retaining all the crunchy and chunky death metal heaviness heard so far. Arguably the most nomadic of all the tracks, the mid-point sci-fi switch-up is one of the best moments on the entire album.

There are plenty more quality moments to enjoy before it’s done though. The latter part of the album; Equalizer, the title track and Motherdome, featuring an array of scornful, broad-minded instrumental parts and antagonistic vocals. All excellent tracks in their own right but as part of the bigger picture, beyond satisfying.

A gargantuan debut album, Hypermass are going to turn some heads with this one.

Hypermass – Empyrean Full Track Listing:

1. The Constant
2. Hivemind
3. The Degenerate Strain
4. Null and Void
5. To Dissect and Serve
6. Behind the Leviathan
7. Equalizer
8. Empyrean
9. Motherdome


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Hypermass - Empyrean (Self Released)
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