Album Review: Humanity Defiled – Mankind Is The Disease (Self Released)

Humanity Defiled is a one-man death metal project from Belgium. The EP ‘Mankind is the Disease’ will be released on November 15th 2019.

Once upon a time, the idea of a one-man death metal band would have been insane but as many others have proven, thanks to modern technology it’s not impossible anymore. You just need the talent, a can-do attitude and some inspiration. Especially if that inspiration comes from a dark place.

In the case of Belgium’s Humanity Defiled, that inspiration comes from humanity itself and the absolute arseholes we can be. You only have to look at the EP title to understand just where Humanity Defiled is aiming his vitriol at. You can’t say it’s undeserved!

With inspiration sorted, the talent is next and happily this raging beast has plenty of that too. Leaning heavily towards a riffier sound, the buzz of heaviness is constantly present regardless of how much more ‘lighter’ the riffs might try to make it (Solace in Gold).

Chances are, if you’re here, you after something more carnage-inducing. Something with some real girth behind it. Well, the low and dark sound of We Deserve An Unspeakable Death will deliver on that. Simply the filthiest of of the filth that appears on this EP.

Although it’s 9 tracks long, it’s really only 4. The Filth Erased is an extended intro and tracks 6 to 9 are instrumental versions of what came before. It’s an EP and they’re such great songs there’s nothing wrong with hearing them again, sans vocals.

Humanity Defiled – Mankind is the Disease Full Track Listing:

1. The Filth Erased
2. Solace in Gold
3. We Deserve An Unspeakable Death
4. The Courageous Ones
5. War Will Be Our Heritage
6. Solace In Gold (Instrumental)
7. We Deserve An Unspeakable Death (Instrumental)
8. The Courageous Ones (Instrumental)
9. War Will Be Our Heritage (Instrumental)


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Humanity Defiled - Mankind Is The Disease (Self Released)
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