Album Review: Hozomeen – The Void (SuperFi Records)

Hozomeen is a project where the music is written, performed and produced by Graham Thompson. Graham has been writing and performing in bands in his native Newcastle upon Tyne for around 25 years. He currently provides bass and vocals for Ballpeen, and has another ‘solo’ project, Sea Ninety. He’s also performed in the bands OZO, Jinn, Grace, Gullich, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind and many others. Unlike Sea Ninety, a project that owes much to 90’s emo, Hozomeen draws on the ‘heavier’ side of Graham’s musical influences, whilst also providing a vehicle for experimentation.

The Void will be released on May 5th, 2023, via SuperFi Records.

Graham explains:

‘The Void’ was an opportunity for me to challenge myself in terms of song writing, but also to try and incorporate instrumentation I may not have previously used, and that you may not always expect to hear on an album of this nature. Songs were primarily built from the drums up, with only a few guitar riffs written before drum recording commenced, the rest were improvised drum ideas around which I built songs.



Well, this is not going to be everyone, that much is for sure.

If you’re against ridiculous experimentation, abrasive moodiness, and minimalist noise rock, you should probably pass on this. Yet those willing to give it a go will find something wholly unique. If there’s one thing Hozomeen provides, it is a different experience.

Featuring eight tracks of compelling and baffling music, The Void’s intro track, Involuntary Man’s Laughter sets the bar for ‘weirdness’ with its instrumental make-up. Barely a piece of music, its tentative approach is fascinating. Especially as it flows into the peppier, punchier, and fuzz-drenched rocking sound of Call the Hogs. Discombobulating, but with a clearer direction.

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A direction that is delightfully upended by the creative Lack and the diverse Coursing. Hozomeen continuing with a take on noise rock that is as thrilling as it is mystifying. It’s a good contrast of feelings as both ensure you want to listen on, especially as both offer something different.

Imaginative is the word that best describes The Void and there is no better example than One Kilohertz with its abrasive, monotonous guitar/drum combo and vocal layers. Although Balk’s post-twist is certainly quite creative too, and Cleansing Breaths cacophony of weird is pretty damn memorable.

Finally, the most polarising musical journey you might hear all year comes to a close with a track heavy on the atmosphere. There’s nothing quite like this track anywhere else on the album.

We can’t promise you that you’ll like The Void but we can promise you that you’re in for an experience regardless.

Hozomeen – The Void Track Listing:

1. Involuntary Man’s Laughter
2. Call the Hogs
3. Lack
4. Coursing
5. One Kilohertz
6. Balk
7. Cleansing Breaths
8. Manifestation Of Grief




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Hozomeen - The Void (SuperFi Records)
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