Album Review: Howling Sycamore – Seven Pathways To Annihilation (Prosthetic Records)

Howling Sycamore is a project started in 2017 by guitar player Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath, Gospel Of The Witches) joined by ex-WatchTower and Dangerous Toys singer, Jason McMaster and drumming sensation, Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura).


On June 21st 2019 the band will release Seven Pathways to Annihilation their second album for Prosthetic Records. The album was mixed and mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist) and features the recurring contributions of Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts) on lead guitars, Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Brain Tentacles) on baritone saxophone and Fabian Vestod (Skinlab, Gospel Of The Witches, Red Serpi) on additional drums plus the very special guest appearances of Marty Friedman and Matt Baldwinson (Tangaroa, Dream Tröll, II II II) on lead guitars.

Inventiveness and imagination are the keys to Howling Sycamore’s impressive Seven Pathways to Annihilation. Mixing elements that few would expect to go so well together and churning out an enlightened seven track album.

Lengthy tracks built on a foundation of darkness-infused guitars and complimented by bludgeoning heavy drums all backed up with clean singing that soars and on occasion snaps its teeth. Each one offers something distinctive about it, be it the expertly structured shifts in style of Mastering Fire. Or the haunting and twisting guitar turns blended with demanding vocals of Initiation and the old school fire and fury of Tempest’s Chant.

There’s almost a ‘too much’ going on kind of mind-frame at times but with multiple listens you’ll find yourself really appreciating the intrepid focus that sees Howling Sycamore allow their imagination to run wild. It all culminates in an absolutely massive finale.

Sorcerer is nearly 11 and a half minutes long and dripping in atmosphere, while delivering an incredibly focused high level of drumming and making one hell of an impact. It’s heavy but not in the places you might expect which is something Howling Sycamore excel at throughout the album. Keeping us on the edge of the seat as we await another twist or turn.


Howling Sycamore – Seven Pathways to Annihilation Full Track Listing:

1. Mastering Fire
2. Departure
3. Initiation
4. Second Sight
5. Raw Bones
6. Tempest’s Chant
7. Sorcerer




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Howling Sycamore - Seven Pathways To Annihilation (Prosthetic Records)
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