Album Review: Hosts of Lord – Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair (Self Released)

Ancient prophecy in ominous envisions. DBSM band, Hosts of Lord released their debut album ‘Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair’ on April 2nd 2020.



There’s no denying that you have to have a taste for ‘depressive black metal’ to really enjoy Hosts of Lord’s debut. Simply put, this isn’t the sort of traumatic heaviness that someone just comes across. No, you need to be seeking out this kind of malicious music, darkness in your heart and mind.

As raw as a freshly scrapped pound of flesh, Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair is 7 tracks of howling horror. The wailing fury of the guitars, the near indiscernible drum patterns, the screeching vocals…this is the rotting corpse of black metal. Made to stand up and flail about for the enjoyment of Hosts of Lord.

This might make it sound like hell on the ears and it is but Hosts of Lord deserve more credit than that. Amongst the chaos and amongst the ruins are some mouth-watering riffs, striking rhythm-heavy passages and magnificent moments where head-banging is not a suggestion but rather a requirement.

Hosts of Lord – Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair Full Track Listing:

1. Scroll of Wailing and Lamentations
2. Scourged Venomous Creatures
3. A Haze of Prophetic Ecstasy
4. Skeletal Beings Walked the Cryptic Valley
5. I Beheld a Clash of Otherworldly Entities
6. Tormenting Anguish of Distant Ancestors
7. Horrific Plagues at the End of Time




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Hosts of Lord - Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair (Self Released)
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