Album Review: Hightower – Club Dragon (Krod Records)

Released on September 15th 2017 via Krod Records, Club Dragon is the second album from French punk rock band, Hightower.

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Kicking off with an catchy punk-rock beat, Hightower deliver a modern & fresh sounding emotive listen with the twelve tracks of Club Dragon.

Sharing much in common with the likes of Taking Back Sunday & Four Year Strong, Hightower is all about dropping short & sweet rhythmic melodies. While still ensuring there is a certain level of heaviness. Tracks like Mushrooms and Bamboo, Ernest’s Castle, Tournesol & Titty Twister are energetic & riff-laden songs that make plenty of attention grabbing noise.

The latter of those (Titty Twister) is one of the best tracks on the album with high-tempo drumming, some hard-hitting screeching guitars & some really blasting vocals. A real highlight that combines the energy & catchiness of Hightower’s Club Dragon.

Longer tracks like Hedonic Treadmill & Cheyenne Mountain see Hightower aim to get you to really pay attention to the melodic verses & catchy choruses. Stuff that has plenty of bounce & groove but may not make as deep an impression.

The tracks that inevitably stand are the ones with high-tempo drives & plenty of energetic riffs. Thankfully most of the album is made up of these tracks. Kind of Blue has a memorable drum beat & some bite to the vocals, Love Pyramids has a fun punk bounce before Kvlt, once it kicks in, threatens to really kick your ass to get you moving.

There’s some really exciting stuff going on in Club Dragon. While not particularly unique, it does deliver on high-tempo upbeat punk rock beats & melodies though.

Hightower 2

Hightower – Club Dragon Full Track Listing:

1. Numero Uno
2. Mushroom and Bamboos
3. Ernest’s Castle
4. The Party
5. Hedonic Treadmill
6. Tournesol
7. Titty Twister
8. To The Hole
9. Kind of Blue
10. Lov’ Pyramids
11. Kvlt
12. Cheyenne Mountain

You can pick up Club Dragon via Bandcamp, via Krod Records, Spotify, Deezer and via Apple Music below. You can also check out some of their videos via YouTube & keep up to date with Hightower news on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Hightower - Club Dragon (Krod Records)
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