Album Review: Hexivoid – Disdain From A Burning Cosmos (AHPN Records/Depressive Illusions Records)

Hexivoid is an all new solo project of Nattskog, playing Cosmic Black Metal, fuelled by dissonance and depravity found within all celestial bodies. The debut album “Disdain From A Burning Cosmos” is available on CD/Digital via AHPN Records and on tape via Depressive Illusions Records.

The discordance of the void beckons, enter the Hexivoid…



Looking to make your skin crawl from your flesh and bones, Hexivoid’s horrifying darkness built around vocals roars and screams that chill is black metal at its most evil. Sickeningly twisted, Dissonant Void Howling Forth demands you look into the depths of the void and pray it doesn’t look back.

While being rooted in the heaviest of heavy, it’s also not without some oddities as the tolling Atychiphobia Incarnate throws out a really unexpected guitar solo to mixed results. It’s just so…strange and out of place that it doesn’t work.

The album works best when it sounds like the suffering of tortured souls which to be fair, it does most of the time. The pained cries of They Who Burned Themselves For Peace and the vomit inducing Rendition Of Depravity that introduces totally unexpected clean vocals.

Hexivoid also show off some guitar flair, particularly in the lighter and more palatable A Faltering Deity. Whereas the finale, the title track shows off some melodious elements amongst the fiery horror show.

Hexivoid 1

Hexivoid – Disdain From A Burning Cosmos Full Track Listing:

1. Dissonant Void Howling Forth
2. Orbiting Iapetus
3. Atychiphobia Incarnate
4. They Who Burned Themselves For Peace
5. A Faltering Deity
6. Rendition Of Depravity
7. Disdain From A Burning Cosmos

The album can be picked up by AHPN Records here and Depressive Illusions Records here. Find out more about Hexivoid over on Facebook.

Hexivoid - Disdain From A Burning Cosmos (AHPN Records/Depressive Illusions Records)
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