Album Review: Her Name Was Fire – Decadent Movement (Raging Planet Records)

With the massive, screaming low-end frequencies of a guitar, the thunderous and fiery rhythms of drums blended with sleazy melodic vocals, Her Name Was Fire arrived in 2016 to shake the foundations of rock and lure the ears of those who dare to cross the path of their demolishing sound waves. Guitarist/vocalist João Campos and drummer Tiago Lopes form a tight groove-rock duo that incorporates stoner, grunge, blues, and progressive rock.

Now on the eve of releasing their second album, Her Name Was Fire is regarded as one of the most prominent emerging bands in Portugal. Their sophomore LP Decadent Movement is out on April 3rd 2020. The new album portrays the realization of human impermanence and criticizes the artificiality and frailty of human beings in the modern era.

There’s a sleazy edge to Her Name Was Fire’s rock sound, something that comes through mainly in the vocals but also comes from the way the guitars licks and caresses. That Decadent Movement is also a seriously fiery album just adds even more heat to the listening experience.

Of course, were would all of this be without a ton of energy? Something that Her Name Was Fire has in bucket-loads as they throw their all into tracks like Devil’s Disco and Far Gone.

Although, they’re mostly capable of delivering melody driven moodier numbers. Such as the mid-tempo impact of Ran Out of Time, commanding catchiness of Specter and grungy vibes of Cabin Fever. The highlight though? The grubby sleaze ball track that is Allure with rhythm that slides up with a filthy grin and an offer of a drink.

If all of this sounds like your idea of fun, then you surely must check out the entirety of Decadent Movement. It’s not an overtly challenging record and rarely over-complicates things but it certainly has plenty of quality rock highs to make its mark.

Her Name Was Fire – Decadent Movement Full Track Listing:

1. Enter Decadent
2. Devil’s Disco
3. Another Rodeo
4. Ran Out of Time
5. Specter
6. Allure
7. Far Gone
8. Adam’s Gun
9. Close Enough
10. Monolith
11. Cabin Fever


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Her Name Was Fire - Decadent Movement (Raging Planet Records)
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